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Outside In - Community Supported Agriculture

Marty Heller is today's guest discussing Community Supported Agriculture. Ride along as we enjoy and informative video produced by Marty himself as he journeyed by bike across Michigan, visiting dozens of CSA farms. Enjoy this presentation of our introduction to discussions of resilient, local food supply ideas. News Review is with Peter Payette, news director at Interlochen Public Radio. Mike Cherry is in with Pet Talk.

The roll of art in community resilience

Bob Russell starts this show off with further discussion of key elements of resilience. This talk moves quickly to the roll of art in community resilience. We meet David Prince and his bio-degradable plastic material that he demonstrates with a balloon launch and talks more about art and resilience.
News review is with Eric VanDussen free lane legal reporter.  Duke Elsner, Co-operative Extension educator, talks about the invasion of caterpillars this season

Outside In - Investigating Resilience as its primary focus

Outside In  makes its turn toward Investigating Resilience as its primary focus. Bob Russell makes his first appearance to begin explaining the concept of community resilience and to launch us on our way in this important community discussion. Outside In will not just talk problems but will always strive to show solutions that are happening right here in Northwest Michigan. For now we will keep our our original format offering 17-20 minutes for a resilience interview, 5-7 minutes for a quick check with several local news gathering operations, reporters coming in on a rotating basis, with their stories of interest.

Each show will wrap-up each with a quick feature on either books or pets. News review this week is with Eric VanDussen free lance legal reporter. Book Talk is with Amy Reynolds of Horizon Books

Outside In - Investigating Community Resilience 2

Dave Barrons and Bob Russell continue their discussion framing-up the concepts of resilience and community.  Outside In will investigate community resilience by bringing into discussion and focus local resilience issues from a long list of themes including, Food and Farming, Energy, Governance, Transportation, Health, Education, Social Capital, Art, Ecological Services, and more. Dave and Bob move through some of the key points for examination within each theme. But the real goal of this Outside In is to generate further conversation within the broad community about resilience and looking ahead as best we can to built the tools for being a resilient community. We cannot predict the future, but clearly a community that is agile and adaptable will be more resilient.

Outside In - Investigating Community Resilience

Bob and DaveBob Russell joins Dave Barrons for this week's show, and the week of August 30th. Outside In will be devoting the entire half hour to the subject, Investigating Community Resilience. Bob and Dave begin outlining and framing the key components of resilience thinking and the key themes Outside In will bring into discussion. Resilience is natural and the concept comes to us from the study of natural systems that show resilience, or don't. Our future will be very different from our past as we move into and economic era of declining resources. As disruptions and shocks become more likely, communities with the tools of resilience in place, will likely adapt better and continue to function better. Outside In is about investigating resilience, not providing the answers but looking into the question, "What's makes for true community resilience and how do we work to build it"?


Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Food and Farming with Don Coe

Don Coe, Black Starr Farms Co-owner & State of Michigan Agriculture Commisioner joins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient local agriculture and supporting local food initiatives.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Food and Farming

Diane Conners joins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient local agricultural and creating local markets for producers in the Grand Traverse region. Diane discusses an initiative by the Michigan Land Use Institue- Taste the Local Difference and how it raised awareness for consumers about supporting local agriculture. Peter Payette is in for the news review segment and Mike Cherry talks pets.

Dave Barrons is joined by Seth Bernard to talk about art and resilience

Dave Barrons is joined by Seth Bernard, well known musician to discuss his views on art and community. Seth is pioneering several approaches to his art including a working cooperative of musicians. He was born and raised in northern Michigan, on a farm, and he continually supports the local food movement through his work.

Dave Barrons and Gary How continue with transportation resilience

Dave Barrons and Gary How continue their talk about transportation resilience. Decisions we make about transportation planning reflect values we place on other spaces in our lives and how we use them. Gary's web site-coordinates observational walks around Traverse City to observe the various relations at play. This talk also looked in more detail at the use of traffic roundabouts.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Transportation

Dave Barrons presents a half hour format of news, information and regional happenings each week. This show begins Outside In's first conversation about transportation issues through the lens of "investigating resilience". Gary Howe, local geography professor and transportation planning advocate, joins Dave Barrons discussing the fragile nature of our current transportation system, highlighting how those views apply locally, sharing how local residents can get into the conversation through Gary's web site.

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