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Outside In - Interviews Russ Soyring, Traverse City, city planner

Dave Barrons interviews Russ Soyring, Traverse City, city planner. They view a tour of city chicken coops and hear from one of the coop owners. The conversation covers the process the city went through in developing its urban chicken ordinance, and some of the components of a resilient governance process. Today's news review segment includes Eric VanDussen with law and court news and Book Talk with Jill Beauchamp from Horizon Books.

Outside In - Community Supported Agriculture

Marty Heller is today's guest discussing Community Supported Agriculture. Ride along as we enjoy and informative video produced by Marty himself as he journeyed by bike across Michigan, visiting dozens of CSA farms. Enjoy this presentation of our introduction to discussions of resilient, local food supply ideas. News Review is with Peter Payette, news director at Interlochen Public Radio. Mike Cherry is in with Pet Talk.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Food and Farming with Don Coe

Don Coe, Black Starr Farms Co-owner & State of Michigan Agriculture Commisioner joins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient local agriculture and supporting local food initiatives.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Food and Farming

Diane Conners joins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient local agricultural and creating local markets for producers in the Grand Traverse region. Diane discusses an initiative by the Michigan Land Use Institue- Taste the Local Difference and how it raised awareness for consumers about supporting local agriculture. Peter Payette is in for the news review segment and Mike Cherry talks pets.

Dave Barrons' on Community Resilience - CSAs

This is the second program looking at CSA's.  Bob Russell joins in with his video production introducing us to the very successful Meadowlark Farms, a CSA farm with a knowledgeable and sustaining history. Meet Jon and Jenny as they share some of the fundamentals they've learned.
Our weekly review of news stories is with Maggie Peterson of the Petoskey News Review. Jill Beauchamp from Horizon Books is in with Book Talk.

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