Ecosystem services

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Governance & Ecological Services

Bob Russell rejoins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient governance and what it takes to make the governance process work well. After they identify a basic framework, they develop the main points by discussing the comparison between phragmites eradication around Saginaw Bay and a better experience around Old Mission Peninsula,  in Grand Traverse Bay. Peter Payette is in for the news review segment and Mike Cherry talks pets.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Ecological Services

This program deviates from the regular format because of the July 4th holidays. Dave Barrons is joined by Andrew Knott, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Center for an extended discussion of the Center's ongoing Grand Traverse Bay Watershed tree canopy survey. Tree canopies are a perfect example of economic services coming from the primary economy, the ecological roots of our community. The conversation is extended into the areas of resilient governance and some of its components.


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