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Adaptation Is A Cornerstone

Bob Russell joins the conversation on this show. The discussion reviews some of the latest writings/conclusions on the two built-in mechanisms forcing a changing future: climate change and resource constraint. Bob and Dave highlight the facts and resources. Once again, 'adaptation' stands out as a key ingredient of resilience. The future presents unforecastable challenges. Building the seeds of resilient strength determine a community's resilience.

New Name - ICR: Investigating Community Resilience

ICR logoBeginning with this show  OUTSIDE IN  becomes  ICR: Investigating Community Resilience. A new name reflecting a more direct link to our content. Bob Russell returns to look around at how the term is being used increasingly and to help clarify our focus. We also highlight web-based resources that showcase resilience work going on in other communities. This discussion also looks ahead at broad areas of success and need in resilience development locally.

Great Lakes Bioneers Conference Laurie Cirivello's keynote

The 10th Great Lakes Bioneers Conference was held the weekend of October 14-16, 2011 in Traverse City, Michigan. Laurie Cirivello gave the local keynote on Saturday morning on the "Media Commons".

Great Lakes Bioneers Conference - Bob Russell's Keynote

Outside In begins three programs sharing the plenary addresses from this year's Great Lakes Bioneers Conference.  This week we here our own Bob Russell giving an address outlining the fundamental principles of resilience thinking: adaptability, modularity and redundancy, numerous feedback loops, and diversity. Bob reflects on the meaning of all four and then reviews local developments demonstrating these principles; developments that have all occurred in the past ten years, matching the length of time the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference has been held in Traverse City.  Bob then has fun looking ahead another ten years and speculating on further developments that could occur over the next ten years.


Outside In - Great Lakes Bioneers

This weeks discussion is a free ranging talk about the state of the governance process in Northwest Michigan with two young leaders, Sarna Salzman and Mike Powers of the non-profit, SEEDS.  Salman and Powers relate their recent experiences in developing public policy emphasizing the need for broad stakeholder participation and the need for civility in the political process. The discussion also heavily promotes the 10th Anniversary of the Great Lakes BIONEERS  Conference coming up Thursday October 14th -Sunday, Oct. -16th. This year's theme is RECLAIMING THE COMMONS, with major presentations from Jay Walljasper, Lori Cirivello, and Bob Russell

Investigating Community Resilence with Bob and Dave - Part 2

In this second of a two part discussion Bob and Dave begin by recognizing how widespread talk of resilience is becoming. In the effort prevent the concept from becoming hackneyed, the two zero in on two key points of distinction:  resilience is not the same as sustainability nor is resilience the same as efficiency. In fact resilience is the opposite of single outcome efficiencies. Resilient eco-social communities will not be completely completely or fully efficient. Pockets of inefficiencies and unused resources often become the locus of resilience when changes in the environment (natural and man-made environments) demand adaption.

Bark for the Park

This week's talk covers two topics, really. Gary Howe returns to outline Traverse City's application for a private grant from the PetSafe Company for the construction of a dog park at one of several possible locations in town. The grant application goes well as Traverse City is in the final group of 25 applicants. Voting for the winner begins July 13th on Check out that site to vote, and go to www.tcdogpark to connect with the local effort. Dog parks can be an effective example of 'placemaking'. Gary and Dave will fill out the discussion with a bigger picture look at 'placemaking' with a dog park being but one specific example.

Education Still Needed

Jim Crowfoot, Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, is this weeks guest. The discussion begins with a description of the freshman/sophomore seminar Jim designed for students entering the U of M., a multi-disciplinary, look at The Environment, Religions, Spirituality and Sustainability. Crowfoot is greatly concerned that even high achieving students gaining acceptance at the U of M come that far with little understanding of the environmental foundations of our human societies or the threats to that foundation. Religions and spirituality come into play because Crowfoot found over years of teaching that students so often set their own values aside when entering the classroom leaving them with little connection to the material being taught. Without sensing and understanding ones own spiritual connection to the natural world, or the place of nature and the environment in one's religious beliefs, the contemporary threats to our environment and to our communities can not be grasped. Understanding the social-ecological community  and coming to grips with ones own place in it, is a powerful and absolutely neccessary tool, Crowfoot believes, as we face the multitude of changes and challenges in the near future.

Bob Russell talks with Dave about Media as a Commons

On this weeks show Bob Russell returns from several important conferences to fill us in on things he's learned. RESILIENCE 2011 in Tempe, Arizona was one of  his stops and Bob reports on the effort there to blend academic theory with practice on the ground.  Much of this week's discussion comes from Bob's last stop, the National Conference on Media Reform. From this gathering we learn of the critical importance of perceiving our media resource as 'public commons' no different from other common spaces that need ever vigilant public protection in order to preserve them. Public media is under current threats of privatization. Recent rulings have helped protect some of this commons and exciting possibilities exist, but public engagement in protection of, and use of, this vital resource is necessary.

Dave and Bob discuss the recent UN Climate Change Conference

This conversation is about climate. Bob Russell visits and discusses the outcomes of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Cancun, Mexico November 29 to  December 10, 2010.

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