A Leading Chamber

Doug Luciani, CEO & President of TC Area Chamber of CommerceDoug Luciani, Executive Director of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce joins this conversation to detail a number of the local Chamber initiatives. From local food to energy policy this Chamber seems to 'get it' when it comes to understanding our difficult future and decisions that need to worked on, now, in preparation. Collaboration is the name of the game for this Chamber as it works with a wide range of community stakeholders.

The Occupy Movement Locally

Dave is joined by three active participants in the Occupy TC efforts going on locally. The discussion highlights the 'message' problem facing both the larger Occupy effort and those working locally: how to have a decentralized movement with some coherency to the message. This talk also shares numerous web-site resources and access points for those wanting to keep in touch with what's going on. Check for links to many occupy resources.

New Name - ICR: Investigating Community Resilience

ICR logoBeginning with this show  OUTSIDE IN  becomes  ICR: Investigating Community Resilience. A new name reflecting a more direct link to our content. Bob Russell returns to look around at how the term is being used increasingly and to help clarify our focus. We also highlight web-based resources that showcase resilience work going on in other communities. This discussion also looks ahead at broad areas of success and need in resilience development locally.

Reviewing Foundation Concepts of Resilience

Bob Russell is in with Dave this week reviewing foundation concepts that are critical to resilience thinking: adaptability, diversity, redundancy, and feedback loops. The discussion seeks to detail the connections between each concept and the idea of building resilience into our Northwest Michigan communities. Towards the end of the discussion Bob and Dave make an announcement which includes a name change. From now on these weekly discussions will be known as ICR: Investigating Community Resilience.

Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay Updates

Andy Knott, Executive Director of the Watershed Center, joins Dave for an update on Watershed activities which include major storm water mitigation projects around the Bay and long term work managing sediment behind three dams scheduled for removal from the Boardman River. Brown Bridge Pond will see dam removal and restoration of the river bed over the next year.  Dave and Andy also discuss a presentation at the recent Fresh Water Summit in Traverse City.  We share a portion of  Dr. Gary Fahnensteil's talk on developments in the water-column food web in Lake Michigan where the Quagga mussel is changing everything at an historic rate. Fahnensteil works at the Great Lakes Research Lab in Ann Arbor and his findings are sobering.

Great Lakes Bioneers Conference Jay Walljasper's keynote

Outside In concludes it's replay of the plenary presentation at this year's Bioneers' Conference with the keynote address by Jay Walljasper. The theme of this year's Bioneers Conference was "Reclaiming The Commons". Walljasper is contributing editor to the web site and author of ALL THAT WE SHARE. Walljasper sets the tone for the conference challenging everyone attending to look around and "see" the commons that are around them all and work for their preservation.

Great Lakes Bioneers Conference - Bob Russell's Keynote

Outside In begins three programs sharing the plenary addresses from this year's Great Lakes Bioneers Conference.  This week we here our own Bob Russell giving an address outlining the fundamental principles of resilience thinking: adaptability, modularity and redundancy, numerous feedback loops, and diversity. Bob reflects on the meaning of all four and then reviews local developments demonstrating these principles; developments that have all occurred in the past ten years, matching the length of time the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference has been held in Traverse City.  Bob then has fun looking ahead another ten years and speculating on further developments that could occur over the next ten years.


Outside In - Great Lakes Bioneers

This weeks discussion is a free ranging talk about the state of the governance process in Northwest Michigan with two young leaders, Sarna Salzman and Mike Powers of the non-profit, SEEDS.  Salman and Powers relate their recent experiences in developing public policy emphasizing the need for broad stakeholder participation and the need for civility in the political process. The discussion also heavily promotes the 10th Anniversary of the Great Lakes BIONEERS  Conference coming up Thursday October 14th -Sunday, Oct. -16th. This year's theme is RECLAIMING THE COMMONS, with major presentations from Jay Walljasper, Lori Cirivello, and Bob Russell

Outside In - Exciting Energy Progress in NW Michigan

Outside In moves to a discussion of local energy programs with Mike Powers from the SEEDS organization and Brian Beauchamp of Michigan Land Use Institute. Mike reviews a program just wrapping up, advising multiple levels of government in a ten county region in NW Michigan, on energy conservation and efficiency planning. Brian discusses a brand new program just starting in a targeted neighborhood in Traverse City whereby more than 1000 home owners can get both planning and financial assistance for making their homes more energy efficient. The discussion turns to governance issues as both Brian and Mike share their experience working on these programs. Energy issues, often because they can be equated to dollar savings, offer a working example of local and regional developments where many stake holders, network, respond and engage to solve definable problems in the public sphere

Re-claiming The Media For Local Governance

Jocob WheelerJacob Wheeler first created the GLEN ARBOR SUN right out of high school. He continues in a wide ranging career of independent journalist including continuation of the Sun and major contributions to  Jacob joins Dave for a discussion of the role of media in a democracy and how especially critical it is today in development of effective local governance. Jacob tells of his experiences as an independent journalist especially the work of in keeping the last Minnesota Senatorial election and the long court battle that followed highly visible to every citizen and therefore transparent. Likewise, their coverage of the Wisconsin battle to protect bargaining rights for public employees help launch that effort into a national campaign.

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