Gary Howe visits with Dave

Gary Howe returns to Outside In for more conversation about transportation issues in the Traverse City area.  Gary teaches Geography at Northwestern Michigan College, is a member of the city's Parks and Recreation Commission, and is creator of, a web blog focusing on transportation and intentional design for Traverse City's urban core. Dave and Gary discuss a range of transportation issues including governance. What is the public's role in deciding on plans for movement and recreation around the Bay.

Dave talks with Fred Keeslar

This discussion moves from 'household preparedness' to public health issues related to resilience.  Dave talks with Fred Keeslar, Director of the Public Health Department and Health Officer for Grand Traverse County. The discussion seeks to differentiate public health from personal health care. What are the measures of public health, and what is the role of the Health Department and the public health profession in maintaining the health of the community?  Keeslar details how much of the work goes well beyond vaccinations and involves constant monitoring of known diseases and other biological threats, as well as developing plans to handle expected and unexpected threats. Keeslar believes 9/11 and the homeland security efforts have vastly improved communication links between critical emergency management agencies and groups.

Outside In with Michael Shuman and Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills returns with another of her colleagues from the Post Carbon Institute, Michael Shuman. Shuman is author of a number of books on the developing local economies, including the SMALL-MART REVOLUTION, and LOCALISM.  The discussion outlines the new economic era we are entering and why it is likely that local economies will win out over the globalized and fragile world economy. The period of transition will not be easy. Here in Michigan especially we need to learn a new way of investment so that local investors can invest in their local economy. As Shuman points out, little help can be expected from Lansing or Washington as government is still looking to the old economic order for answers.

Outside In -- Dave is joined by Sarna Salzma

On this show Dave is joined by Sarna Salzman, Executive Director of the non-profit, SEEDS. The discussion introduces the work of SEEDS, a nine year old organization in NW MIchigan. SEEDS was one of the early partners, along with the Neahtawanta Center, in bringing the BIONEERS Conference to Traverse City and the region. This year's conference is scheduled for next week, Oct. 15th, 16th, and 17th.  Sarna outlines all of the various program choices at this year's event which has an overall theme of Governance. The rest of the discussion covers SEEDS' after-school, and Youth Corp programs. Education is critical to building the social capital necessary in creating community resilience. SEEDS offers a strong educational component in its work.

Outside In is joined by Peter Sinclair, climate activist

The feature discussion this week is with Peter Sinclair, well known climate activist and creator of the Climate Denial Crock of The Week on You Tube. Watch Peter Sinclair's video presentation on the fundamentals of climate science that climate deniers try to ignore, and listen to his conversation with Dave. Anne Stanton of Northern Express joins Dave for this week's news review and Mike Cherry is in with Pet Talk.

Outside In - Interviews Russ Soyring, Traverse City, city planner

Dave Barrons interviews Russ Soyring, Traverse City, city planner. They view a tour of city chicken coops and hear from one of the coop owners. The conversation covers the process the city went through in developing its urban chicken ordinance, and some of the components of a resilient governance process. Today's news review segment includes Eric VanDussen with law and court news and Book Talk with Jill Beauchamp from Horizon Books.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Governance & Ecological Services

Bob Russell rejoins Dave Barrons to talk more about resilient governance and what it takes to make the governance process work well. After they identify a basic framework, they develop the main points by discussing the comparison between phragmites eradication around Saginaw Bay and a better experience around Old Mission Peninsula,  in Grand Traverse Bay. Peter Payette is in for the news review segment and Mike Cherry talks pets.

Dave Barrons on Community Resilience - Ecological Services

This program deviates from the regular format because of the July 4th holidays. Dave Barrons is joined by Andrew Knott, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Center for an extended discussion of the Center's ongoing Grand Traverse Bay Watershed tree canopy survey. Tree canopies are a perfect example of economic services coming from the primary economy, the ecological roots of our community. The conversation is extended into the areas of resilient governance and some of its components.


IPR's Points North - Governing Ourselves


Bob Russell, the co-director of the Neahtawanta Center, was on Interlochen Public Radio's Points North, hosted by Peter Payette on March 12, 2010.


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