Social Capital

Bruce Cozzens joins Dave

This week Dave has a discussion with Dr. Bruce Cozzens, a veterinarian in the Grand Traverse region for more than 30 years. Cozzens brings his own observations to bear on the threat to our pets posed by changing climate and the changing bug population that comes with it. Ticks! Cozzens shows in increase in tick populations farther and farther north in Michigan. The latest news is that ticks that carry Lyme disease are now endemic to Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties, being added from just the latest survey results. His own practice has shown a significant increase in tick related diseases. Pets can not adapt to such rapidly changes. These pests are new and so are the diseases. Human must be responsible to protect their pets. Tick born diseases pets face often threaten humans as well, like Lyme disease. We too need to be knowledgeable and adaptable.

Kay Bond on Outside In with Dave Barrons

Kay Bond, Executive Director of BACN, the Benzie Area Christian Neighbors joins Dave in this discussion of the range and nature of services her organization provides in a county that has a huge disparity of income. Benzie County is the smallest county in Michigan, but has one of the richest townships and one of the very poorest townships in that small space.  Dave and Kay's focuses on building social capital in the Benzie community and beyond through the BACN model where financial supporters, volunteers, and those seeking services are all known as simply neighbors, each with needs and gifts to offer the other.

Outside In -- Dave is joined by Sarna Salzma

On this show Dave is joined by Sarna Salzman, Executive Director of the non-profit, SEEDS. The discussion introduces the work of SEEDS, a nine year old organization in NW MIchigan. SEEDS was one of the early partners, along with the Neahtawanta Center, in bringing the BIONEERS Conference to Traverse City and the region. This year's conference is scheduled for next week, Oct. 15th, 16th, and 17th.  Sarna outlines all of the various program choices at this year's event which has an overall theme of Governance. The rest of the discussion covers SEEDS' after-school, and Youth Corp programs. Education is critical to building the social capital necessary in creating community resilience. SEEDS offers a strong educational component in its work.

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