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Arts provide unique ways of looking at issue and helps a community understand complex relationships. Art can tell stories, provide experiences and examine social issues in a variety of ways. A thriving art community enhances the resilience of community.

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Localism On A Global Scale

Chris Treter & Timothy YoungThis discussion shares the experience of Timothy Young and Chris Treter of the On The Ground non-profit that sponsored their recent Run Across Palestine. Chris introduced us to the groups first such effort The Run Across Ethiopia, last summer. Chris Treter's business is fair trade shade grown coffee and now, olive oil. The run in Ethiopia focused fund raising efforts to build schools in coffee growing communities; in Palestine, the run kicked off fund raising to plant olive trees. But in both locations the real work was in cross cultural communications and community building. Building communities of producers and consumers that span oceans. Linking our local community in NW Michigan to theirs no matter the distance between. Art is always a part of On The Ground's work. This show includes a performance by singer, song writer Josh Davis with a song he sang multiple places in Palestine.

Seth Bernard & May Erlewine join Dave Barrons

Outside In, this week, continues the discussion of the Run Across Ethiopia, a fund raising project of On The Ground, a non profit associated with Higher Grounds Trading Company. Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, local musicians and song writers, journeyed to Ethiopia with the On The Ground runners as part of the artistic team recording the event. They begin the show with two of the many songs written about the project and then stick around to share their experiences, connecting with the coffee growing families whose children are benefitting from the 3 schools the project is funding.  Seth and May talk about their art and its roll in telling the story of The Run Across Ethiopia and the importance of this local to local connection.

Brad Kik joins Dave Barrons

For the first show of the new year Brad Kik co-founder and director of ISLAND, the Institute for Sustainable Living & Natural Design, joins Dave for a conversation about his organization featuring ISLAND's focus on numerous aspects of self-resilience. Very small scale 'farming' or backyard gardening and a host of DIY skills comprise many of ISLAND"S workshops. "Love Great Art" is part of their creed, as well, and Brad is especially clear discussing the value of art, the role of art, in sustaining community resilience.

The roll of art in community resilience

Bob Russell starts this show off with further discussion of key elements of resilience. This talk moves quickly to the roll of art in community resilience. We meet David Prince and his bio-degradable plastic material that he demonstrates with a balloon launch and talks more about art and resilience.
News review is with Eric VanDussen free lane legal reporter.  Duke Elsner, Co-operative Extension educator, talks about the invasion of caterpillars this season

Dave Barrons is joined by Seth Bernard to talk about art and resilience

Dave Barrons is joined by Seth Bernard, well known musician to discuss his views on art and community. Seth is pioneering several approaches to his art including a working cooperative of musicians. He was born and raised in northern Michigan, on a farm, and he continually supports the local food movement through his work.