Author Tom Greco talk about the history of money and debt

Tom Greco author of THE END OF MONEY AND THE FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION joins us for two half hour discussions on the history of money and the debt building pyramid- scheme modern money is based on. In this first discussion Greco puts modern money in its historic context and traces its growth to contemporary times where money is controlled by political elites through a interconnected array of national central banks. New money is created by creating debt, and interest is charged on the debt. The debt imperative of money creates a growth imperative in the economy which is destructive of our social fabric and our environment. Greco argues for creation of credit exchange associations, free corrosive effects of interest charged on debt, the topic we pick up in part two. Visit his web site for more information -

Books by Tom Greco:
Money and Debt: A Solution To The Global Crisis, 1990
New Money For Healthy Communities,  1994
Money: Understanding and Creating New Alternatives To Legal Tender,  2001
The End Of Money and The Future Of Civilization, 2009