Dave & Bob discuss biodiversity as it relates to birds and urban gardens

Bob Russell and Dave Barrons join each other for this week's discussion. Much of it focusses on a book by Douglas W. Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home, which asserts that if you own a backyard or a garden, or are responsible for any sort of urban or suburban landscaping then you must become involved in creating native biodiversity. More 69 million acres of US land space has been converted to human managed urban or suburban landscaping. If biodiversity of bugs and birds is to be maintained, America's gardeners that must step in to replace the loss of native plants. Native plants support native insects and native insects are what support our bird populations. It isn't just a matter of aesthetics, birds and bugs are vital to the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. Loss of diversity in our backyard plantings, lack of diversity in our population of bugs and birds, threatens not only backyard bird populations, but all of agriculture and ecosystem health.