Education Still Needed

Jim Crowfoot, Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, is this weeks guest. The discussion begins with a description of the freshman/sophomore seminar Jim designed for students entering the U of M., a multi-disciplinary, look at The Environment, Religions, Spirituality and Sustainability.   Crowfoot is greatly concerned that even high achieving students gaining acceptance at the U of M come that far with little understanding of the environmental foundations of our human societies or the threats to that foundation. Religions and spirituality come into play because Crowfoot found over years of teaching that students so often set their own values aside when entering the classroom leaving them with little connection to the material being taught. Without sensing and understanding ones own spiritual connection to the natural world, or the place of nature and the environment in one's religious beliefs, the contemporary threats to our environment and to our communities can not be grasped. Understanding the social-ecological community  and coming to grips with ones own place in it, is a powerful and absolutely neccessary tool, Crowfoot believes, as we face the multitude of changes and challenges in the near future.