Building Community Resilience

Ecological and social disturbances are now occurring due to human-caused climate change driven by human-made greenhouse gases. This climate change will accelerate if action isn’t taken to slow and reverse greenhouse gas pollution.  A community’s ability to adapt and react to ecological and social changes in a sustainable manner is a property of resilience. Understanding what it means to be a resilient community is important in these challenging times.

Investigating Resilience

The Neahtawanta Center launched a project we are calling Investigating Resilience. We will report on, investigate, and tell stories that illustrate activities that help define resilience, with a focus on the context and relevance to our community. We will follow a two-fold approach: 1. recognizing resilience aspects already in place in the community; 2. making recommendations to increase resilience.

We are looking for some "resilience investigators" who will apply the "resilience lens" to various aspects of our community and use that lens to create stories and reports in the format of your choice -- text, audio or video or mixed media. These examples of resilience can inspire other resilience thinking in our communities on all levels. Let us know if you would like to get involved and in what ways we can collaborate.

Tools for reporting: face to face interviews; videotaping for Upnorth 2, vlogs and Internet TV; web sites; social networking; podcasts; and salons, forums and discussions.

We face an unprecedented combination of challenges, socially and ecologically. Investigating Resilience is an opportunity to relate stories that illustrate our ability to recover, restore and regain balance.