Jim Olson joins Dave to discuss water issues

Environmental lawyer and water activist Jim Olson joins the discussion this week, outlining the various threats to our Great Lakes waters. Olson identifies a long list of threats, either physical threats to the ecosystem like invasive species, or ownership threats. We are right at the point of determining for future generations, says Olson, on whose bottom line does our water resource fall. Is water to be commoditized and whose value ends up on the corporate bottom, line or is it to be protected as part of the public commons with the benefits protected for the public.  Who 'owns' our fresh water resource, underground and on the surface?  Jim and Dave also promote an important upcoming event, the 2011 Conference: Saving The Great Lakes Forever with presentations by Maude Barlow (speaking at the State Theater) and Winona Hunter and including a viewing of the film Tapped at the State Theater.