Midwives Build Social Capital and Community Resilience

Off on a book signing tour, Geradine Simkins, joins us for a discussion of midwives and the importance of midwifery to local communities. Child birth constitutes the largest single profit sector for the American medical industry and judging from statistics our nation is failing to get its money's worth. The US ranks 30th in infant mortality, worldwide, and 49th in maternal mortality. Midwives offer the very real choice to counter the failures of medical the industry, provide optimal care and outcome for child and mother, cost far less and keeping that money circulating in the local economy, and  building social capital as public health, the health and care of new borns and mothers is improved.

Midwives Build Social Capital and Community Resilience from Robert Russell on Vimeo.


Into These Hands, Wisdom from Midwives gives readers an opportunity to sit at the feet of some of the best-known and best loved midwives in the country and listen to the wisdom they so candidly share and personal stories never yet told.

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Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) was established as a professional organization for all midwives, recognizing the diversity of educational backgrounds and practice styles within the profession. Its goal is to unify and strengthen the profession of midwifery, thereby improving the quality of health care for women, babies, and communities.