Outside In with Michael Shuman and Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills returns with another of her colleagues from the Post Carbon Institute, Michael Shuman. Shuman is author of a number of books on the developing local economies, including the SMALL-MART REVOLUTION, and LOCALISM and the Research & Economic Development Director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). The discussion outlines the new economic era we are entering and why it is likely that local economies will win out over the globalized and fragile world economy. The period of transition will not be easy. Here in Michigan especially we need to learn a new way of investment so that local investors can invest in their local economy. As Shuman points out, little help can be expected from Lansing or Washington as government is still looking to the old economic order for answers.

Michael Shuman was in the Traverse City area to speak at the "Toast to Local Farmers" sponsored by Oryana Food Cooperative. UpNorth TV produced a program of his presentation, you can watch it here.