Outside In - presentation by Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Home Nature

In this edition of Outside In Dave shares an excerpt of a recent presentation by Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of BRINGING NATURE HOME. Tallamy is an entomologist who argues that we have so decimated natural living spaces in our country that only fragmented natural habitats remain.  Most 'wild' country is covered in non-native, invasive plants that fail to harbor native bugs. Without native plants and the native bugs they support, whole food webs begin to decline. With fragmented habitat lacking in native food supply throughout our country, Tallamy argues it is the gardeners and landscapers of America who must lead the way in re-establishing our native food webs. If half of all of the space committed to grass lawn in country were shifted to native plants we would increase critical habitat by over 20 million acres, an area greater that the top 12 national parks combined. Without such action the eco-system will begin to fail to supply critical eco services to our communities.