Public Health and the Traverse Health Clinic

This weeks conversation continues our talk about the general topic of public health. Dave is joined by Arlene Brennan, long time administrative director of the Traverse Health Clinic, and Dr. Lynn Swan the new Medical Director. The Traverse Health Clinic provides free medical care to the underserved of Grand Traverse, Benzie, and Leelanau counties. Like many free clinics this one sees patients are usually in serious and timely need. Residents needing free services often wait until their medical needs are acute or critical and while much of the clinic's work is focused on these short term needs, the clinic does more than just "bandage-up" its clients. It acts as an entry point for their patients into the full scope of the medical system. Brennan explains this clinic is highly networked with a wide variety of medical services, institutions, and practitioners who all plug into the clinics free work. The network is critical to expanding the clinics impact and has been a long work in progress over several decades.  Networked leadership is critical to a community's resilience and the networked partnerships that are part of Traverse Health Clinic make this a broad community effort to provide for our underserved neighbors