ICR -- Investigating Community Resilience
Every week Dave Barrons hosts a conversation about community resilience in the Northwestern Michigan. Each show investigates resilience through various themes with his guests. Select one of the themes in the left sidebar to watch past shows from that theme's perspective.

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Great Lakes Bioneers Conference - Bob Russell's Keynote

Outside In begins three programs sharing the plenary addresses from this year's Great Lakes Bioneers Conference.  This week we here our own Bob Russell giving an address outlining the fundamental principles of resilience thinking: adaptability, modularity and redundancy, numerous feedback loops, and diversity. Bob reflects on the meaning of all four and then reviews local developments demonstrating these principles; developments that have all occurred in the past ten years, matching the length of time the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference has been held in Traverse City.  Bob then has fun looking ahead another ten years and speculating on further developments that could occur over the next ten years.


Outside In - Great Lakes Bioneers

This weeks discussion is a free ranging talk about the state of the governance process in Northwest Michigan with two young leaders, Sarna Salzman and Mike Powers of the non-profit, SEEDS.  Salman and Powers relate their recent experiences in developing public policy emphasizing the need for broad stakeholder participation and the need for civility in the political process. The discussion also heavily promotes the 10th Anniversary of the Great Lakes BIONEERS  Conference coming up Thursday October 14th -Sunday, Oct. -16th. This year's theme is RECLAIMING THE COMMONS, with major presentations from Jay Walljasper, Lori Cirivello, and Bob Russell

Outside In - Exciting Energy Progress in NW Michigan

Outside In moves to a discussion of local energy programs with Mike Powers from the SEEDS organization and Brian Beauchamp of Michigan Land Use Institute. Mike reviews a program just wrapping up, advising multiple levels of government in a ten county region in NW Michigan, on energy conservation and efficiency planning. Brian discusses a brand new program just starting in a targeted neighborhood in Traverse City whereby more than 1000 home owners can get both planning and financial assistance for making their homes more energy efficient. The discussion turns to governance issues as both Brian and Mike share their experience working on these programs. Energy issues, often because they can be equated to dollar savings, offer a working example of local and regional developments where many stake holders, network, respond and engage to solve definable problems in the public sphere

Re-claiming The Media For Local Governance

Jocob WheelerJacob Wheeler first created the GLEN ARBOR SUN right out of high school. He continues in a wide ranging career of independent journalist including continuation of the Sun and major contributions to TheUptake.org.  Jacob joins Dave for a discussion of the role of media in a democracy and how especially critical it is today in development of effective local governance. Jacob tells of his experiences as an independent journalist especially the work of TheUptake.org in keeping the last Minnesota Senatorial election and the long court battle that followed highly visible to every citizen and therefore transparent. Likewise, their coverage of the Wisconsin battle to protect bargaining rights for public employees help launch that effort into a national campaign.

Duke Elsner talks about bugs and pests

Duke Elsner, Grand Traverse County extension agent, updates the local experience with bugs, both pests and otherwise, this hot summer. Importantly, Duke and Dave talk about the funding threats to the Extension Service and the vital role that agency plays in our communities' social capital.

Outside In - presentation by Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Home Nature

Dr. Doug TallamyIn this edition of Outside In Dave shares an excerpt of a recent presentation by Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of BRINGING NATURE HOME. Tallamy is an entomologist who argues that we have so decimated natural living spaces in our country that only fragmented natural habitats remain. Most 'wild' country is covered in non-native, invasive plants that fail to harbor native bugs. Without native plants and the native bugs they support, whole food webs begin to decline. With fragmented habitat lacking in native food supply throughout our country, Tallamy argues it is the gardeners and landscapers of America who must lead the way in re-establishing our native food webs. If half of all of the space committed to grass lawn in country were shifted to native plants we would increase critical habitat by over 20 million acres, an area greater that the top 12 national parks combined. Without such action the eco-system will begin to fail to supply critical eco services to our communities.

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