ICR -- Investigating Community Resilience
Every week Dave Barrons hosts a conversation about community resilience in the Northwestern Michigan. Each show investigates resilience through various themes with his guests. Select one of the themes in the left sidebar to watch past shows from that theme's perspective.

This is an archive site, please visit the new website - icr.nrec.org

Dave and Bob discuss the recent UN Climate Change Conference

This conversation is about climate. Bob Russell visits and discusses the outcomes of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Cancun, Mexico November 29 to  December 10, 2010.

Tom Karas talks to Dave about Local Feed-In Tarriff (FIT)

This conversation is about energy. Tom Karas of the Michigan Energy Alternatives Project is in to talk with Dave about local energy discussions and to explain what feed-in-tarriffs for local electrical generation are, how they work and why they are needed. Michigan has had discussions at the state level regarding mandated, statewide feed-in tariffs though there has been little progress. Tom explains that even a local electrical utility like Traverse City Light and Power can always choose to apply feed-in tariffs on their own. David Long is in for the second segment of the show talking about a proposal for a massive wind farm development in Benzie county. Long is a Benzie resident and leader of a group working to raise public awareness of the impact an industrial sized wind farm could have on the community and environment.

Gary Howe visits with Dave

Gary Howe returns to Outside In for more conversation about transportation issues in the Traverse City area.  Gary teaches Geography at Northwestern Michigan College, is a member of the city's Parks and Recreation Commission, and is creator of MyWheelsAreTurning.com, a web blog focusing on transportation and intentional design for Traverse City's urban core. Dave and Gary discuss a range of transportation issues including governance. What is the public's role in deciding on plans for movement and recreation around the Bay.

Dave talks with Fred Keeslar

This discussion moves from 'household preparedness' to public health issues related to resilience.  Dave talks with Fred Keeslar, Director of the Public Health Department and Health Officer for Grand Traverse County. The discussion seeks to differentiate public health from personal health care. What are the measures of public health, and what is the role of the Health Department and the public health profession in maintaining the health of the community?  Keeslar details how much of the work goes well beyond vaccinations and involves constant monitoring of known diseases and other biological threats, as well as developing plans to handle expected and unexpected threats. Keeslar believes 9/11 and the homeland security efforts have vastly improved communication links between critical emergency management agencies and groups.

Home Preparedness

This program is about Home Preparedness. Dave talks with Sarah Benson, Wexford County Emergency Management Coordinator about how to be prepared at home for any natural disaster or other calamity. Dave also interviews Ernie Abel on the status of local ham radio preparedness.

Bob talks with Dave Barrons about Adaptation

Bob Russell returns for a couple of programs as he and Dave draw conceptual boundaries around the many discussions held so far. Bob points out that a four year cycle to change our living habits related to 'resilience' is one that we can all relate to.

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